Bare Beginnings

So hey, I guess I completed one of my new year resolutions. Now it’s about maintaining it.
You’re probably guessing why you are here with one of the reasons being my persistent promotion of my blog.
First off, this place would be the container of my ideas, I am an innovator of design and find it too overwhelming to store all the good ideas and the crazy ones in my mind. I want to use this blog to keep track of my work and share it with others for I believe Open Source Hardware and Software are the next stage of innovation in society at large. I would also be posting about trending electronics themes like synthetic muscles and stuff.

If you’re yawning, reading the above and happen to be a fan of horror fiction like H.P Lovecraft, Silent Hill , Penumbra, creepypastas or even Slender. I shall be your guide 😉 apart from my electronics stuff.
I love spending time on playing horror games, movies and novels and sharing it rather forcibly with handful yet true friends. I also like a lot of psychological material like Prometheus ,Ghost in the Shell, Shining which makes me come up with an analysis of several scenes which I would be posting here.

Here’s a picture of a shibe of peace and prosperity.
Till Next time,
Your Favorite Sociopath


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